About Us

Maya Music

Becks and Deo are a strong partnership that founded Maya Music in 2011 and this solid foundation continues between the two co-founders, directors and lifetime friends. Together they know the power of trust, honesty, optimism, integrity & doing what’s right, not just for each other, but for the entire team at Maya Music and the greater community, this is one of their company’s strengths and where their priorities lye, people first.

Company Values

Maya Music was born out of heart, soul, passion for music, but it has become so much more, it’s about inspiring and supporting students & the local community with their love of music, it’s also about trusted advice and people that care, it’s a small, locally owned and operated, its independent and unique, and it supports local people.

Becks Cole

Founder/ Company Director

Deo Bohn

Founder/ Company Director