Success is not the work of one
but the work of many

Greig Howell
Guitar / Ukulele

Greig has been teaching guitar and ukulele at Maya Music since 2018. He lives locally with his wife and two young children. Music is Greig's first passion, encompassing performing, composing and teaching. Greig started to play guitar and drums at the age of eight. During his school years in England he attended guitar and drum lessons, he also studied music at college. Greig has performed in choirs, orchestras and several different bands.

Teaching music for Greig started in 2003 in England. He went on to teach in Canada and now In New Zealand. Greig has experience with all age groups and abilities. As a teacher Greig is passionate about helping people feel confident with a strong sense of self belief. Most important to Greig is to create a fun and comfortable learning environment where they can build relationships and share in the excitement of discovering their capabilities. Outside of teaching Greig can be found exploring our wonderful surroundings, taking Photographs, riding bikes and kayaking.

Deo Bohn
Guitar / Ukulele / Bass

Co Founder and Director of Maya Music, Deo is also a much loved music teacher, Deo has a big heart for teaching music to all ages, he's passionate about all aspects of music and has taught guitar for almost 30 years. Originally from Brasil, Deo moved to New Zealand in 2006 and is thankful to call New Zealand home, Deo has been involved in music since a teenager, when he first learnt to play. As a young man Deo worked for a radio station in Port Alegra which is the city he grew up in. Over the years Deo has also been lead guitarist for several gigging, old school heavy metal bands, but these days Deo is happiest playing in a rock band along with fellow teachers Dom Ryan and Greig Howell. As well as being co owner/operator of Maya Music, Deo is a loving devoted father to his little daughter Helena and partner Carla.

Dom Ryan
Piano / Guitar / Bass / Drums

Dom is best known for his flair on the drums, an instrument he has pursued passionately for over 25 years. He has been a music tutor at Maya music since the beginning of 2022 for Piano, Guitar and Drums. Dom started his musical journey at a young age. Being the son of esteemed Keyboardist and Music educator, Liam Ryan (The Narcs, Midge Marsden, Tauranga Jazz fest etc), Dom's ears were tuned to music early on, earning him the Johnny Corban Music award from Berkeley Intermediate in 2001 for his contributions to the school with their orchestra and band show cases. Continuing his music studies throughout High school, NCEA performances garnered merit and excellence for composition and rock/metal performances through senior years 2004-2006.

Dom has studied at MAINZ (Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand) in 2007 after which he pursued expanding his skillset in his musical career, Gaining notoriety over the upper North island as a performer through his later teens and early 20's, Dom found himself being sought after in the Waikato music scene. At one point he played drums in at least 8 different ensembles (4 original groups and 4 cover bands). Two original groups made it to the NZ battle of the bands National final in 2012, DAY3 and Logic Defies Logic. Dom, being the only drummer to have this double finalist feat, was awarded as a stand out drummer in the competition by Dave Morello. Dave assisted with production and gear for two demanding recording sessions that DAY3 undertook at the prestigious York Street studios in Parnell later that year. Dom's other dedicated original project, Set The Cycle, recorded at York Street the following year for their single, Parables. As well as recorded drums, he also performed studio recorded grand piano for the York street sessions mentioned above.

In July of 2014, Dom relocated to Melbourne with Logic Defies Logic, committed to the quality of one group over the many. Throughout 2014-2020 "Logic" played many tours through Victoria, the Australian East coast and New Zealand. Always keen to push themselves further, the powerful progressive-groove quartet toured Japan in February/March 2020, and finished with two shows in Melbourne before lockdown took effect. LDL recorded 3 albums in their time together, plus multiple single releases and many music videos. Check out their work on YouTube and Spotify/Bandcamp. Hours of Dom's musical works can be found via his social media pages. Visit to see more his following and content.

Becks Cole
Online Sales

Co Founder and Director of Maya Music, Becks Cole is not the musician in the business, but it has been said, she is the back- bone, her drive, nurture and ambition, along with her friendly personality and positivity has grown Maya Music from its infancy to where it is in early 2022. After the sudden loss of her loved son in February 2022 Beck's has chosen to step away from the day to day running of the business to be closer to her children and grandson. Residing in the Tasman Bay, Becks remains actively involved in Maya Music from a far.

Martin Guy

Martin originates from the Isles of Scilly where he started his musical career at age 9 singing in his first band ‘No Pulse’. When the original drummer had to leave the--> islands to attend college, Martin said “I’ll give the drums a go too!”.

Realising he was much better suited to drumming than singing, No Pulse found a replacement singer and the rest is history… Fast forward to 2012, Martin received a Bachelor with honours degree in popular music, with a focus on music performance, after which he decided to travel to the world. In March of 2014, Martin found himself in Queenstown and fell in love with the town - and the music scene - quickly establishing himself as one of the town’s most sought after drummers. When not teaching at Maya, he can be seen playing all manner of gigs from the corner of the local bar, all the way to being on stage at the memorial hall in full musical productions, with a number of weddings and corporate gigs squeezed in between for good measure!

Therese Campbell
Office & Administration

Supporting Deo and Becks with the business side of Maya Music is Therese Campbell. A qualified C.A. with a marketing degree and some years spent in the ‘Not-for- Profit’ sector, Therese is adding her knowledge and expertise to help Maya Music pivot and adapt in the current environment. A couple of her new initiatives include collaborating with Maher Shoes to stock some of their flamboyant range that go so well with rock instruments and also partnering with Whakatipu Youth Trust to access funding that can give youth that are missing out opportunities to experience learning an instrument and being part of a band experience.

Tiago Garcia

Bio to come

Jane Robertson

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Karmen Pickering

Karmen was raised in a circus performing musical family, Karmen had the privilege and the opportunity to travel and perform on nearly every continent on the globe. Singing professionally since the age of twelve, Karmen has toured Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the United States. Along with her band, she had several performances in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Karmen’s dedication to developing her natural talents led her to achieving a bachelors degree in Arts and later in counselling. Combining her two passions, she worked as a music therapist in the greater Los Angeles area, where she lived for the past twenty eight years. Karmen will strive to provide polished vocal techniques, as well as quality in performing arts instructions. She will create for our students a warm, supportive environment as they grow to discover their full potential through creative expressions. Karmen will build positive influence in students life, building self esteem and confidence. She will uphold honest values, working to perform with integrity, with attention to detail and consistency. Karmen will endeavour to help all students to experience the excitement and dedication necessary to help them succeed in life, as well as on stage.